NGX equips scholars with sustainable finance, investment knowledge


Nigerian Exchange Limited has announced plans to equip scholars with comprehensive knowledge of finance and investment.

NGX stated this on Tuesday after hosting over a hundred scholars from the Nigerian Higher Education Foundation as part of its financial literacy initiative, X-Lit.

The event aimed to deepen understanding of sustainable finance and increase young investors’ participation in responsible investing within the capital market.

The session covered various aspects of sustainable investing and market access, providing the scholars with valuable knowledge and practical tools.

Head of Secondary Market at NGX, Abimbola Babalola, led the session and emphasised the benefits of securities to investors in the Nigerian capital market.

“Investing in securities provides a unique opportunity for wealth creation and financial growth. Our goal is to demystify the process and equip you with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions,” Babalola stated.

Topics covered included the basics of ESG investing, the importance of diversification, how to analyze investment opportunities, and the impact of global sustainability trends on local markets.

Additionally, the scholars had the opportunity to tour the NGX trading floor, witnessing trading sessions firsthand and gaining practical experience in the market’s operations.

Babalola provided insights into the intricacies of investing and the rules guiding investments in the capital market.

He highlighted the significance of due diligence, understanding market trends, and the role of regulatory bodies in ensuring market integrity.

Babalola also shared success stories of young investors who started small and gradually built substantial portfolios, inspiring the students to consider long-term investment strategies.

Representatives from United Capital Securities discussed how the students can access the market using technology, emphasising the opportunities provided by the ongoing banking recapitalisation efforts.

Executive Director of NHEF, Clair Jemide, expressed gratitude to the facilitators from NGX, led by Babalola, for the invaluable experience provided to the students.

“This was an opportunity for our scholars to observe the practical application of their classroom learning. We look forward to future visits to the exchange,” Jemide noted.

Participating scholars commended NGX for organizing the session, leaving them better equipped to navigate the financial landscape.

NGX’s X-Lit initiative is part of its broader corporate social responsibility strategy, aiming to promote financial literacy and sustainable investing across different age groups and demographics.


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